For each mine
a flower

Kassiha 2025 is an arts initiative with one goal: to remove all landmines from the Western Sahara.

Focusing on the works of Moulud Yeslem, we aim to elevate his art project ‘For Each Mine, A Flower’ and fundraise for a prototype anti-landmine device by 2025. Alongside other Sahrawi artists, Moulud’s work is the cornerstone of our initiative to share the indigenous culture of the Western Sahara. Kassiha 2025 is a grassroots collaborative project initiated by London-based artist Juan delGado. Juan has led several successful campaigns including Qisetna: Talking Syria . For this project, we have developed a team of UK-based experts in fundraising, social media, graphic design, and translation to support Moulud Yeslem, who is based in Barcelona.

Photograph by Quintina

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